Wrap Up 2010

After that competed and been top three in drag racing’s fastest class of Top Fuel Bike in four seasons with my Funny Bike, we had this year, the ability to run in the direction of the UEMs new funny bike Cup due to rule changes in the Top Fuel class.

The goal for us this year was to run some record. These shortcomings are unfortunately both reliability and scoring when we have stretches the bounds of what the bike and the tracks can handle. When we have the margins on our side, it is fast, really fast and when we come across the border, it is not that fast and braking stuff. After last winter’s improvements to an already super bike was not only the goals but also the expectations very high. I had lots of help from Swecomposite to make new body and sideplates for chassi and wheeliebars in super light carbon. Thanks!

In retrospect, we accomplished 4 European record, new personal best and to be the fastest bike all classes in five of seven races and finished 2nd overall in Funnbike Cup 2010 and became King of Mosten for the second time.

I want to thank those who made this season possible and you are a big part in success. Elizabeth, my sons Oscar and Philip, Tony, Fredlund, Wendel, Korry and other friends and buddies, Svemo, Åsa and Aila on Speed Group and my sponsors: Soverign Slovakia s.r.o, Gryviks, Bo Centralen, EK Chain, Swecomposite, Dalhems, MTC, Gary Clark Racing, ArtFex, Robinson Industries, Allt i Däck, RomNet Data, Ubbe, Viking Line, Fast Print. THANKS!