US Tour 2008 | Fall Nationals Norwalk


After the Final in England we got back home and I had to rebuild my engine. I know that I had to put the bike on a plane as soon as possible to get it through the customer service in time. After two days the bike was ready to crate up and the day after that the shiping company got it. I had alot of help from Dalhems bildelar with arrange the certifcated wood for the boxes and all the paperwork for the customer service.

The bike was now on it´s way to Top Fuel Bike owner Mike Dryden in Illinois. The bike got over in just a few days but the customer service was a real pain. Mike did a enormous work to fill out all the papers and declarations to finally get the bike out, the same day that I arrived to Peoria. Mike had the boxes with the bike on a trailer when he picked us up at the airport and we was invited to stay at his place and his lovely family. His hospitality and help to get the bike back racing in US was fantastic!


On Thursday we left for Michigan to collect Mike’s Top Fuel Bike at John Alwine place. We unpack my bike and put it in the race trailer toghter with the fuelbike and started our trip down to Norwalk. When we got there late Friday afternoon, we got everything ready for a test run. I was anxious to get the bike out to test and see the conditions of the track. Everything was ready just to put air in the frame for the shifter, but when I did that the air went out immediately. It was a small hole in my frame and after this was solved, it become dark and I had to change my visor on the helmet to a clear one. With my luck the helmet visor mechanism broke and I had to tape the visor on.

Finally we got up to the starting line and ready for our test run. I got a nice burnout but after Elizabeth had closed my visor I discoverd that the ventilation was closed and I got my visor coverd by fog. I hardly could see the lights but hope that it would clear when I got moving. No, it did not clear but I could see the red time signs and tryed to stay in between of them. I got a 6,60 and 217mph right out of the box but I miss the run myself. The next day it was time for our first qualifying pass. I did som adjustment both in clutch and timers and we got a great 6,48 and 204mph run and was qualifyer No.1. On this pass I could feel that I lost some power at 1000′ and was not as happy as everyone else.


Back in the pit I found that we had melted the sparkplug and the cylinder head. We changed the cylinder, piston and the head but had some problem to get boost on the two-step. Next day we change the engine and was ready in the last minute. We never had the time to re-tighten the head on the new engine and on our next pass we got the gasket blown out. We ended up 3rd in our first AMA race and will be ready for the next event in Valdosta. Thank’s to Mike with family and crew, Korry and his family, Charlie for all help. And to be witness to the fastest run in motorcycle dragracing history made this event to a unforgettable memory.

Congratulations Korry, Mi­ke, John and the rest of the team to the 250,97mph record!