US Tour 2008 | Finals in Valdosta

After the Norwalk event we flew back home to work and get everything ready for Valdosta, our second AMA race.

In the beginning of November, with our suitcases full of heads that we welded and repaired, a new tire and some more spare parts we where ready to fly over to South Bend and pick up a rental car to drive up to John Alwins place in Michigan where we left the bike. We was privileged with the same hospitality by John and Barb that we had experienced with Mike Dryden and his family. We where able to stay in there mobile home and work out of John’s workshop and use all of his tools and machines. After working with the bike for four days, rebuilding both engines, welding wheelie bars and trying to get the fuel system to work that we struggled with in Norwalk. The fuel system had been flow tested by Gary Clark and should hopefully work now .

On Wednesday afternoon we had load the bikes together with all parts and tools an was ready to leave for Valdosta, Georgia. We drove down to Indianapolis to pick up Mike to continue our long trip down to Georgia. We arrived to the track at lunch time and started to unpack our stuff and get ready for a test run the same day. Great to be back again and meet all friends and feel the support from Korry and his family.

At our test run the melting head problem was still there. In the weeks between the races I had the time to think alot and since Gary couldn’t find any problems in my fuel system but still it didn’t work there has to to be something. I had a new fuel pump with me this time and we replaced the old pump, put a new head on and a new cylinder with pistons in (thanks Eric and the rest of the MTC staff for grate service). The bike was ready for the first qualifying pass on Friday.


The qualifying went well and and ended up 3rd. with 6,50 and 213,94 mph just 0,027 second after Travis Davis and 0,015 after Keith Lynn. The fuel system seemed to work now and no more melting heads. I struggle with my 60´ times and spinning the tyre mid track but still where able to do decent runs with good speed. We did new speed record for both 1/8 mile 179,35 mph and 1/4 mile 213,94 mph and did back them both up with 213,13 and 177,72 mph.

Next day the elimination went good with some 6,5 runs but still experienced the same problem with 60´times and spinning, despite we had taken power out of the bike all weekend. In the semi final we did a 6,51 run and was ready to take on Mark Paquett in the final, that had been running in the 6,6 all weekend. After leaving the line at almost the same time and got the grip of the run the second gear jumps out and leaving the win to Mark. This was a result of spinning our wheel mid track all weekend and the shift fork did not survive this last pass.

Mark is a great guy and I was glad to see him win and I’m still very satisfied what we succeed with and experienced on our two AMA races.


Big thanks to all my friends that made this to a memory of life, Elizabeth that been a grate crew, working day and night with the bike at the racecs all season, Korry, Mike, John, Barb, Dennis, Laura, Charlie, Darren, Genelle, Dave, Wendell and to all US and Canadian Funny bike racers that been so friendly and helpful and to all friends and supporters from England, Holland and Sweden.