UEM Finals Santa Pod England

We left Sweden on Wednesday the 5th to go the 1800 km to Santa Pod, knowing that the bike was back on track and that we still got chance to keep the #1 plate on the bike.

We where on the #3 spot 3 points after Ian King and 5 points after leading Luigi Feretti. On friday’s first qualification we did a 6,73s and 204,68 mph and on the second run we got a 6,77s and 199,93 mph. Still struggled with “high” 60′ times around 1,12 to 1,14 and spinning the tyre.

On Saturdays qualification we succeed to run 6,66 and 199,13 mph and we got a good 4th place. We hurt the tyre and hade to put a old one on the bike. On our 4th run we experienced that the used tyre was much weaker and made the bike wanting to tip over. I got off the throttle half track still runing 6,96 and 155mph. Eric Teboul run a great 6,20 and he got the #1 spot.

We hade Luigi in our first elimination run, and we set the bike up for a low 6,60 run. I thougt it will be enougth to beat the 6,77 he hade run in the qualification and that also was his personal best. We were runing as second pair after Eric, but he hurt his motor and that resulted in a delay to clean the track. Our engine was really cold and we had big problems to do our burnout, after restarting the engine two times we did our burnout. We got a good start 11 thousands before Luigi but he got a really good 60′, 1,05 compare to our 1,128. I could hardly see him and the race was so close 4,24 for Luigi on half track and our was 4,28. My bike still wanting to tip over and it makes my foot fall of the footpeg, but I continue to have the throttle wide open. Luigi got the win with 6,54 and we got a good 6,59 both running 206 mph. AWESOME race. After we got off the track, Luigi hugs me and both are very happy for the excitement of close racing.