UEM Final Event Santa Pod England 2008

With 12 point leed in the European Top Fuel Champinship we were excited for this last race this season in Europe. After a long journey down to Calais we arrived to England and the wet weather that this country often is associate with. This condition last both Friday and Saturday and made all the qualification passes impossible. Sunday started in the same way, but the weather cleared up at lunch time and we got just 1 qualification round before the elimination rounds.

This was our most imported run for this season and we had to do really well to keep our chanses alive to win the titel again. After 2 1/2 days waiting we where finaly ready. We did a grate burnout and got a spot with a lot of tracktion to stage the bike in. I left the line with a good 1.09 60 feet. I had really heavy tire shake on first gear and when shifting to second gear the tooth on the crank gear broked. This stopped our chanses of winning 2008 championship.

The disappointment is not that big because after all the extrem hard work we had put into this season has resulted in world class performance and have been competitive in the Top Fuel class. Looking back at the season and all the fun and nice people that we spend our time with has made this to a great year even if we ended up as the “first looser”.

I also want to thank my sponsors: MTC, Dalhems Bildelar, USAbil.nu, Gryviks, Addemoto, Vincents Bike Shop, NorÃ¥ker Montage, Allt i Däck, ER Bilkyl, Viking line, for all the help that we got. Special thank’s to Korry and Wendel for their support, and to Elizabeth for being a great crew!