UEM Event Mantorp Sweden 2007

Home track and after winning here last year we was really glad and excited to be here.

The race was shortened down to a 1/8 mile race because of the short shutdown area. In our first run the engine just worked for 2 second, it felt like a fuel problem. We got the bike back to the pit and tried to find the problem, but everything seemed to work. Same shit next run but still manage to qualified in the middle of the field. Second day we broke our camchain in the burnout and hade to change our engine, on the last pass we did have the same problem but got a 4,37 run.

We got through first elimination run but our problems was hurting the engine and we broke our crankgear. We was out of engines and did not have the time to build a new one and that gave Ian King a solo run in the semi.

Very glad to see my old friend Peter and Sören with familys back racing again and they did as always a excellent event running very fast. Congratulations to Ian King for the new UEM 1/8 record for both speed and time!