UEM Event Mantorp park Veidec Dragrace Festival 2008

We went up to Mantorp on Wednesday to represent the Top Fuel class at the press day. We did a interview and one round on the track for the media. The track condition was really bad and our run was more like a very long burn out. I went back home to Falkenberg to work the same day. We went on thursday evening back to Mantorp.

In our first qualification round I had some problem with the shift shaft and this made the bike stay in first gear. I changed the shiftfork and our second round we did a 4,25/174mph and this made us nr 2 qualifyer. We held this position until last round when Eric Teboul ran 4.20. # 1 qualifyer was Peter Svensson on his Billet Top Fuel bike and he had set the new european 1/8 mile record for both time and speed. Congratulation to Team Billet Racing. It was really fun to qualify as nr 3 in a field with 6 blown nitrobikes. On Saturdays eliminations I got Kai Selkämaa from Finland and after a good start and a fast clean 4.25 run against Kai.

4.37 I got the win. In the next round I had my friend Eric Teboul but unfortunately he broke his blower and made us run solo. We did a great 4.23 and 176 mph and was through to the finals against the new eropean record holder and old friend Peter Svensson. After a real good light 0.048 and had a lead over Peter Svensson, but lost traction on second gear and got past by Peters brutal bike. I lost the final with a bike length. We had a really good and fun event here in Mantorp although the extreme hot weather.