UEM Event Alastaro Finland 2007

We started on friday with a 6,75s on our first qualification. Next run we started to put some more power on but this resulting in spinning the wheel on 2nd gear still going 6.75s and 193 mph on our 2nd run.

We ended up #2 qualifier after Englands Ian King but we hade more to come next day. We keept the settings and did a 6,83s and 214 mph run at the first try on Saturdays qualifications, still spinning the rear wheel. Next run we did a 6,66s and 225 mph and ended up as qualifier #1.

The track wasn’t that good and our 60′ time was only 1,12 to 1,13 and we use to have 1,08 to 1,10. We had tire spinn on all of our runs. We got a solo run in the first elimination run on Sunday, and did a 6,68. After that he rain came and the race was stopped.

We were very happy to post all 5 runs in the 6 second zone and we did not break any parts, not even a clutch plate.

We also got Dalhems, ER Bilkyl and Vincents as new sponsors.