Tierp Arena Test

For this year we have a new MTC clutch, ew turbo and some electronic to retard the ignition is also added to the bike.
We started this season with some testing with the clutch at the track in Malmö
and ran 4,17 our first run on this 1/8 mile track and with a 60’ of 1,05

Then at Tierp Arena. First run out on Saturday the bike left okey and we went 6,433s@207mph.
Everything looking  good on the bike and we decided to make our second test run on Sunday.
We did not change much on our set-up just changing the boost from soft to normal
and the bike went 6,425s@213mph.

Our thank to mechanic Philip Gustafsson, 17 years of age who is the one who care for the clutch (and more).
Tony Zetterström, Lasse Major och Stefan Viklund. Son Oscar, aged 20, who also is part of the crew
could not attend at the EDRS Nationals.

Picture courtesy Patrik Jacobsson