Test weekend at Gardemoen Norway

The weather was really nice and the track was okey, first pass the engine dropt the power after 170m still runing 7,00s. When we got back to the pit we found out that there was lots of aluminium on the frame and on the intake. We had blown a big hole in the head. After we examined everything we found a sparkplug to be the reason for damage our cylinderhead.

We change our engine and got out on the track again, the race staff wanted to stop the testing for the day, the reason was pollen on the track. Our bik is not allergic to pollen so we did our testing run anyway. We did a 6,70s at 205mph. The next day we ran 6,75 and 6,71 with the same tuning. Our mph was between 205 and 208. We were satisfied with the weekend but still lots of work to be done repairing our damaged cylinderhead back home.