The Bike

Short summary
Rikard Gustafsson finished in 2006 as number one in the UEM Top Fuel racing. This was the first time he ever competed in the UEM series.

He qualified first at two races, Alastaro Finland and Mantorp Sweden, and second at the races in Hockenheim, Germany.

The goals for the season
Rikards goals for the UEM Championships were to run in the sixes and brake the 200 mph barrier.

Trouble at the beginning
Although the amazing results of the series, it didn’t begin all that good for Rikard. In the first races at Santa Pod Raceway, England, he experienced some trouble with the bike not going straight. That made Rikard change his position on the bike. After some adjustments, including moving the footpegs, wheeliebars and the handelbars, the problems were solved.

First win in Finland
The adjustments on the bike among other things led to the win at Alastaro Circuit in Finland. Rikard set a personal best with 6.73, 201 mph.

Winning grows addiction
Rikard was caught. Racing is fun, winning is even better. And things went Rikard’s way at Mantorp, Sweden. With some good support (Korry Hogan was there to coach him) he took his second win. This time with a personal best of 6.72, again 201 mph.

The races continued in Hockenheim, Germany. But the weather didn’t side with the dragracers. Heavy rain and gray clouds rolled in on Friday. So with just one day for qualifications the terms were  deteriorated. But the weather got better and on Sunday it was time for the eleminations. In the third round, the final, Rikard went up against Roel Koedam, where Koedam took the win. But Rikard still felt satisfied, due to his new personal best, 6.63, 192 mph.

With only one race to go Rikard had to get to the eleminations to win the series. Said and done, back at Santa Pod Rikard finished fifth with a new personal best, 6.55 and 205 mph. With this final result he finished first in the UEM Championship in 2006.

“Thank You”
This accomplishment would not have been possible without the help from my mechanic Kim Friberg and my girlfriend Jasmine”, says Rikard. He is also very grateful to Korry Hogan, the ex-owner of the bike, for all his support and good advice. It has been of grate value to Rikard, he says.