Kunmadaras, Hungary

Really tough track with really rough concrete and we had huge problems with last years race. Preparations began in February to find a set-up that could work on this course. I had no mechanic with me to Hungary, but was helped by my friend and colleague Fredrik Fredlund both of lifting up and push the bike back and be able to share tuning ideas with. After the first round, I realized that although we have removed over 30% of power and clutch pressure was not enough. After further adjustments, we managed to run 6.69 s @ 334km / h and was number one qualifier. Set a new European record in ET 7.27 s @ 306.87 km / h) and to be the fastest bike all classes. The sprocket hub broke in the semifinals and this put an end to our elimination.

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After the Norwalk event we flew back home to work and get everything ready for Valdosta, our second AMA race.

In the beginning of November, with our suitcases full of heads that we welded and repaired, a new tire and some more spare parts we where ready to fly over to South Bend and pick up a rental car to drive up to John Alwins place in Michigan where we left the bike. We was privileged with the same hospitality by John and Barb that we had experienced with Mike Dryden and his family. We where able to stay in there mobile home and work out of John’s workshop and use all of his tools and machines. After working with the bike for four days, rebuilding both engines, welding wheelie bars and trying to get the fuel system to work that we struggled with in Norwalk. The fuel system had been flow tested by Gary Clark and should hopefully work now .

On Wednesday afternoon we had load the bikes together with all parts and tools an was ready to leave for Valdosta, Georgia. We drove down to Indianapolis to pick up Mike to continue our long trip down to Georgia. We arrived to the track at lunch time and started to unpack our stuff and get ready for a test run the same day. Great to be back again and meet all friends and feel the support from Korry and his family.

At our test run the melting head problem was still there. In the weeks between the races I had the time to think alot and since Gary couldn’t find any problems in my fuel system but still it didn’t work there has to to be something. I had a new fuel pump with me this time and we replaced the old pump, put a new head on and a new cylinder with pistons in (thanks Eric and the rest of the MTC staff for grate service). The bike was ready for the first qualifying pass on Friday.


The qualifying went well and and ended up 3rd. with 6,50 and 213,94 mph just 0,027 second after Travis Davis and 0,015 after Keith Lynn. The fuel system seemed to work now and no more melting heads. I struggle with my 60´ times and spinning the tyre mid track but still where able to do decent runs with good speed. We did new speed record for both 1/8 mile 179,35 mph and 1/4 mile 213,94 mph and did back them both up with 213,13 and 177,72 mph.

Next day the elimination went good with some 6,5 runs but still experienced the same problem with 60´times and spinning, despite we had taken power out of the bike all weekend. In the semi final we did a 6,51 run and was ready to take on Mark Paquett in the final, that had been running in the 6,6 all weekend. After leaving the line at almost the same time and got the grip of the run the second gear jumps out and leaving the win to Mark. This was a result of spinning our wheel mid track all weekend and the shift fork did not survive this last pass.

Mark is a great guy and I was glad to see him win and I’m still very satisfied what we succeed with and experienced on our two AMA races.


Big thanks to all my friends that made this to a memory of life, Elizabeth that been a grate crew, working day and night with the bike at the racecs all season, Korry, Mike, John, Barb, Dennis, Laura, Charlie, Darren, Genelle, Dave, Wendell and to all US and Canadian Funny bike racers that been so friendly and helpful and to all friends and supporters from England, Holland and Sweden.

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After the Final in England we got back home and I had to rebuild my engine. I know that I had to put the bike on a plane as soon as possible to get it through the customer service in time. After two days the bike was ready to crate up and the day after that the shiping company got it. I had alot of help from Dalhems bildelar with arrange the certifcated wood for the boxes and all the paperwork for the customer service.

The bike was now on it´s way to Top Fuel Bike owner Mike Dryden in Illinois. The bike got over in just a few days but the customer service was a real pain. Mike did a enormous work to fill out all the papers and declarations to finally get the bike out, the same day that I arrived to Peoria. Mike had the boxes with the bike on a trailer when he picked us up at the airport and we was invited to stay at his place and his lovely family. His hospitality and help to get the bike back racing in US was fantastic!


On Thursday we left for Michigan to collect Mike’s Top Fuel Bike at John Alwine place. We unpack my bike and put it in the race trailer toghter with the fuelbike and started our trip down to Norwalk. When we got there late Friday afternoon, we got everything ready for a test run. I was anxious to get the bike out to test and see the conditions of the track. Everything was ready just to put air in the frame for the shifter, but when I did that the air went out immediately. It was a small hole in my frame and after this was solved, it become dark and I had to change my visor on the helmet to a clear one. With my luck the helmet visor mechanism broke and I had to tape the visor on.

Finally we got up to the starting line and ready for our test run. I got a nice burnout but after Elizabeth had closed my visor I discoverd that the ventilation was closed and I got my visor coverd by fog. I hardly could see the lights but hope that it would clear when I got moving. No, it did not clear but I could see the red time signs and tryed to stay in between of them. I got a 6,60 and 217mph right out of the box but I miss the run myself. The next day it was time for our first qualifying pass. I did som adjustment both in clutch and timers and we got a great 6,48 and 204mph run and was qualifyer No.1. On this pass I could feel that I lost some power at 1000′ and was not as happy as everyone else.


Back in the pit I found that we had melted the sparkplug and the cylinder head. We changed the cylinder, piston and the head but had some problem to get boost on the two-step. Next day we change the engine and was ready in the last minute. We never had the time to re-tighten the head on the new engine and on our next pass we got the gasket blown out. We ended up 3rd in our first AMA race and will be ready for the next event in Valdosta. Thank’s to Mike with family and crew, Korry and his family, Charlie for all help. And to be witness to the fastest run in motorcycle dragracing history made this event to a unforgettable memory.

Congratulations Korry, Mi­ke, John and the rest of the team to the 250,97mph record!


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With 12 point leed in the European Top Fuel Champinship we were excited for this last race this season in Europe. After a long journey down to Calais we arrived to England and the wet weather that this country often is associate with. This condition last both Friday and Saturday and made all the qualification passes impossible. Sunday started in the same way, but the weather cleared up at lunch time and we got just 1 qualification round before the elimination rounds.

This was our most imported run for this season and we had to do really well to keep our chanses alive to win the titel again. After 2 1/2 days waiting we where finaly ready. We did a grate burnout and got a spot with a lot of tracktion to stage the bike in. I left the line with a good 1.09 60 feet. I had really heavy tire shake on first gear and when shifting to second gear the tooth on the crank gear broked. This stopped our chanses of winning 2008 championship.

The disappointment is not that big because after all the extrem hard work we had put into this season has resulted in world class performance and have been competitive in the Top Fuel class. Looking back at the season and all the fun and nice people that we spend our time with has made this to a great year even if we ended up as the “first looser”.

I also want to thank my sponsors: MTC, Dalhems Bildelar, USAbil.nu, Gryviks, Addemoto, Vincents Bike Shop, NorÃ¥ker Montage, Allt i Däck, ER Bilkyl, Viking line, for all the help that we got. Special thank’s to Korry and Wendel for their support, and to Elizabeth for being a great crew!

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Mosten Raceday Danmark 2008

After last years succes we were really looking forward to this 1/8 mile event. This year we had our friend and supporter Peder with us. We arrived late thursday night and because the wet condition we decided to unpack everything until next morning. After a good night sleep we woke up to a sunny Denmark. We got everything out of the bus and got ready for the first pass.

With a lot wheel spin we did a 4.32s run. To the next round we did some changes in the clutch and the adjustment seem to work on our next pass. We did our best 60 feet ever 1.07s and our time was down to 4.21s. The track was the best I ever raced on. So flat, smooth and great tracktion. I decided for the third round next day to make some changes in our timer system for boost and igniton. On our last round we ran 4.16s.

This is the worlds fastest funny bike run on the 1/8 mile in the history! This was still not enough to win the event. The Top Fuel bike of Sverre Dahl ran 4.03 and Ian took the win with a 4.01s run! Congratulations. I also want to thank the people on Mosten for an awsome track, a really good race and party. Thank’s

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Hockenheim Nitro Olympix 2008

After a lot of discussion of allowing us attending the Nitro Thunder class at Hockenheim we were finally invited. I really like this track, the audience and the atmosphere! So it was very fun to be back for the third year in a row. The rain stopped our chanses for testing the track on friday. UGH!

On saturday first qualification pass we had the same setting as in Norway and did a 6.57 and 204 mph. I felt in the end of the round that I lost power. Back in the pit I coulden’t see any thing wrong on the data logger but later after taking the engine apart I discovered that the crank gear had spinn on the crank. I also did a leakdown test on the engine and got a bad reading on one cylinder. We decided to change the engine and got ready for our second round. I got the Super Twin rider Job Heezen in the other lane. We did a fast 6,52 and 213mph. After the finish line I had a lot stronger engine brake than I usually have. Later that evening we took the cylinder head of and discover that the head was melted. We replaced the cylinder and pistons, fixed the valve seats and got the engine together at 3 in the morning.

On Sundays first run we experienced a lot of wheel spin on 2nd gear but still running 6,69/219mph, and on our second pass that day we ran 6,54/217. But this was not enough to beat the consistency of Ian Kings Top Fuel Bike. Ian also manage to take the win in the final against Lorenz Stäuble. Congratulations.

Thanks to Kai and his team and all other that helpt us this weekend and season.

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We went up to Mantorp on Wednesday to represent the Top Fuel class at the press day. We did a interview and one round on the track for the media. The track condition was really bad and our run was more like a very long burn out. I went back home to Falkenberg to work the same day. We went on thursday evening back to Mantorp.

In our first qualification round I had some problem with the shift shaft and this made the bike stay in first gear. I changed the shiftfork and our second round we did a 4,25/174mph and this made us nr 2 qualifyer. We held this position until last round when Eric Teboul ran 4.20. # 1 qualifyer was Peter Svensson on his Billet Top Fuel bike and he had set the new european 1/8 mile record for both time and speed. Congratulation to Team Billet Racing. It was really fun to qualify as nr 3 in a field with 6 blown nitrobikes. On Saturdays eliminations I got Kai Selkämaa from Finland and after a good start and a fast clean 4.25 run against Kai.

4.37 I got the win. In the next round I had my friend Eric Teboul but unfortunately he broke his blower and made us run solo. We did a great 4.23 and 176 mph and was through to the finals against the new eropean record holder and old friend Peter Svensson. After a real good light 0.048 and had a lead over Peter Svensson, but lost traction on second gear and got past by Peters brutal bike. I lost the final with a bike length. We had a really good and fun event here in Mantorp although the extreme hot weather.

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After the rain out of the Main event we were peckish to continue the championship. We drove up to Stockholm where we meet up the crew of Team Fredlund. We took the ferry together to Ã…land to spend the night at Fredrik Fredlunds home. We are greatful for his and Tinas hospitality. Next day did we continued our trip to Finland and arrived to Alastaro race track the same evening.

At the qualification rounds we discovered the difficulty to find the right setup for this track. Most of the other bike team experiance the same problem. On Saturday we found a set up and succeed to run 6.76 and qualify second after Ian king. First round of elimination we ran against Finlands Asko Määtä. Our engine bugged from the starting line but come alive again and past Asko at the half track and we got a easy win. Next round we had Peter Andersson Ström in our other lane. I know that I had to do well to beat him. I got a good light and got a 6.60 with a lot of wheelspin half track.

Our speed was recorded 234 mph but this is not correct. Our data log shows that the speed was around 217 mph. In the final we got Ian King. He had been consistent this weekend by running in the 6.40´s almost every run and I know that the 6.60 that we run before was the fastest that we could run on this track condition. With low motivation I was behind him from the start and after 100 m the bike starting to move to the center line and I had to close my throttle.

Congratulation to you Ian. Nice run.

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