Nitrolympix Germany 2007

Great to be back at Hockenheim, this is a really good track and always lots of audience. First time we going to run a Cannonball race. 4 Super Twins and 4 Top Fuel bikes qualifying and the best of 4 runs from each class meet in the final. We got a really good chans here because of our consistancy.

On our first test we did a 6,75/199 mph, and on our first qualifing pass was a 6,66 and 210,2 mph. After higher the boost pressure for the second run we had some prroblem to shift to third gear and had to shut the throttle and got a slow 7,92 and 116 mph. Still beating Ian King that broke his driving belt and winning one more box of beer from his crew member Chris :-).

On our third pass we did a 6,61 and 207,6mph and our fourth a 6,63 and 213 mph Our average time of our three best runs was 6,64 but not enought to beat Ian Kings 6,46 after he hade run some really good low 6 second runs.

We where still satisfied with our results. Thanks Shaun and his team for a great dinner and plasitic bottle beers.