Mosten Raceday Danmark 2008

After last years succes we were really looking forward to this 1/8 mile event. This year we had our friend and supporter Peder with us. We arrived late thursday night and because the wet condition we decided to unpack everything until next morning. After a good night sleep we woke up to a sunny Denmark. We got everything out of the bus and got ready for the first pass.

With a lot wheel spin we did a 4.32s run. To the next round we did some changes in the clutch and the adjustment seem to work on our next pass. We did our best 60 feet ever 1.07s and our time was down to 4.21s. The track was the best I ever raced on. So flat, smooth and great tracktion. I decided for the third round next day to make some changes in our timer system for boost and igniton. On our last round we ran 4.16s.

This is the worlds fastest funny bike run on the 1/8 mile in the history! This was still not enough to win the event. The Top Fuel bike of Sverre Dahl ran 4.03 and Ian took the win with a 4.01s run! Congratulations. I also want to thank the people on Mosten for an awsome track, a really good race and party. Thank’s