Main Event, Santa Pod 2008

First we went down to south of Sweden to help Ulf Ögge transporting his new Buell Pro Stock Bike to the Pod. After the long journey to the ferry at Donkerque we discovered that there was a strike at Calais harbour and that all the trucks had to go by Donkerque. After 9h waiting we where allowed to entering the ferry.

We arrived at Santa Pod at noon and it was really fun to meet all friends after the long winter. The weather was not the best but no rain. We did our first qualifying pass with a new personal best of 6,504 and 201mph! With this we where No. 2 after Eric Teboul that had run a really fast 6,29s. Our next pass we had some tyre spinn and the bike went against the wall and I have to shout the throttle. Steve Wollatt did a nice 6,42 and made us No. 3 qualify.

Next day the rain and storm came, just like last year. On monday the weather was the same, no more race this weekend. After this event I have seen some team using this as a test&tune race, but I think this should be done before the EM, then I think our status and possibility to get back more of our invested money will increase. I’m having difficulty to see any other sport not testing or training before a EM. I know very well how hard it is to get our machines to work and to keep together, but it is possible and more likely if we test before the races. Looking forward to the event in Finland.