Hockenheim, Germany

This year we was invited in to the Pro Elimination class with both Pro Stock and Funnybikes. Due to weather and the priority of the class we did not get that manny runns. As mechanics I had my close friend Tony and his wife with me. First qualifing run wehad some problems and had to shut off. Next round the bike was not sounding good when we revit up but did not find the problem. The time was ticking and we had to be in the stageing line. In the stageing line I decided not to run, but after some thinking I went back to get the ignition system from my spare engine and put this one on my bike. I finish just before it was time for our next round. 6,68@309 was the result and qualifing as #1. The rain stopt the race and we got tropys after our qualifing possition.