Finals Santa Pod, England

With huge expectations and with the knowledge of how fast we were on this track on the Main Event, we were really excited and eager to do it again. Friday’s qualifying began with rain, again! The weather was better in the afternoon. First qualifying round did not go well when I had to shut off after 1/8 mile and was a qualifier #4. We began the next day’s qualifing with a bit better time, 6.75 and was number one qualifier. We made adjustments to both the chassis and the clutch and this resulted in a 6.57’s run but only 313km / h when I had switched off due to the hard side wind. Remarkably 1/8 mile time at this run was three hundredths faster than when we ran a personal best at the Main Event. The first elimination round, I was up against Tim Blackmore and managed to win despite 3 gear snapped in two pieces. Then we had found that the gearbox was broken, we changed the engine. Next round, I had the German again, Christian Jäger. I refused to lose despite handling problems, I managed to win and also back up a new European record time of 6.62 s. I was now in the final against Steve French and knew I had good margins and did not rush it at the Christmas tree. I loose a couple tenths in the start but drove on and passed at 1/8 mile and could win with a good margin despite early shut off with the time 6.59 s against 7.33 for Steve. This was a nice way to finish the season 2010 which meant very hard work, struggle, but also been successful and really great fun!