Gardermoen, Norway

Excited to succeed a little better than in England. Qualifing number one after first round 6.662 s @ 334km / h but trouble getting the 60 ‘times down, a problem that we struggled with all weekend. 3rd qualifying round, we managed to back up the new European record for both speed and ET of 6.668 s @ 338km / h. The next day’s elimination ended a bit sour in the first round that we had to shot off the bike after burnout when some oil was dripping from a hose. This meant that our chans to win the Cup was virtually gone. But two record was not very bad although it was two tenths slower than PB. Both Peter Svensson and Per Bengtsson did really good runs at this event.

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Alastaro, Finland

Too bad this race was not in the funnybike Cup this year, hopefully it will be on 2011 tour. I like this track and the atmosphre but it’s a difficult track to race on. Bumpy, extreme tracktion in the starting area and not so good grip mid track. I had to struggle with our 60′ times but after using our set-up from 2008 on this track I was back to 1,09. We was #1 qualifier and ran 6,59@325km/h. I went out in the elimination due to a broken shift fork.

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Main Event Santa Pod, England

Really good track and we had high expectations for this weekend. Saturday’s qualifying rained out. Next day of qualifyings first round we broke a hose to the air shifter and rolled to a 11 seconds pass. The next qualifying round, I came away with a good 60 ‘of 1.09, but the bike went left and I crossed the center line. We were qualified as #6 a bit lucky on a really bad time.

First elimination on Monday, we are able to win with a new personal best ET of 6.46 s @ 324km / h and to 4.20 s @ 288km / h in 1/8 mile. We keept the same set-up to the semis but the track had cooled down and the rear wheel lost tracktion and I got beaten by three hundredths by the German Christian Jäger. A little pity that we could not go back 6.46 times but still new personal best and fastest bike all classes at this event!


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Kunmadaras, Hungary

Really tough track with really rough concrete and we had huge problems with last years race. Preparations began in February to find a set-up that could work on this course. I had no mechanic with me to Hungary, but was helped by my friend and colleague Fredrik Fredlund both of lifting up and push the bike back and be able to share tuning ideas with. After the first round, I realized that although we have removed over 30% of power and clutch pressure was not enough. After further adjustments, we managed to run 6.69 s @ 334km / h and was number one qualifier. Set a new European record in ET 7.27 s @ 306.87 km / h) and to be the fastest bike all classes. The sprocket hub broke in the semifinals and this put an end to our elimination.

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After ending our race season in the US we have put all time and work into build our new shop.

Working day and night, 7 days a week from December we are now almost ready and have moved and start to work in our new building. We still do all motorcycle related work for both racing and street bikes like Dyno tuning, Cylinder Head porting, Engine building, Service, Welding Alminium, SS and Titanium, Milling, Boring Cylinder & Honing.

The new address is Bromsvägen 1, Falkenberg.

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