We went up to Mantorp on Wednesday to represent the Top Fuel class at the press day. We did a interview and one round on the track for the media. The track condition was really bad and our run was more like a very long burn out. I went back home to Falkenberg to work the same day. We went on thursday evening back to Mantorp.

In our first qualification round I had some problem with the shift shaft and this made the bike stay in first gear. I changed the shiftfork and our second round we did a 4,25/174mph and this made us nr 2 qualifyer. We held this position until last round when Eric Teboul ran 4.20. # 1 qualifyer was Peter Svensson on his Billet Top Fuel bike and he had set the new european 1/8 mile record for both time and speed. Congratulation to Team Billet Racing. It was really fun to qualify as nr 3 in a field with 6 blown nitrobikes. On Saturdays eliminations I got Kai Selkämaa from Finland and after a good start and a fast clean 4.25 run against Kai.

4.37 I got the win. In the next round I had my friend Eric Teboul but unfortunately he broke his blower and made us run solo. We did a great 4.23 and 176 mph and was through to the finals against the new eropean record holder and old friend Peter Svensson. After a real good light 0.048 and had a lead over Peter Svensson, but lost traction on second gear and got past by Peters brutal bike. I lost the final with a bike length. We had a really good and fun event here in Mantorp although the extreme hot weather.

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After the rain out of the Main event we were peckish to continue the championship. We drove up to Stockholm where we meet up the crew of Team Fredlund. We took the ferry together to Ã…land to spend the night at Fredrik Fredlunds home. We are greatful for his and Tinas hospitality. Next day did we continued our trip to Finland and arrived to Alastaro race track the same evening.

At the qualification rounds we discovered the difficulty to find the right setup for this track. Most of the other bike team experiance the same problem. On Saturday we found a set up and succeed to run 6.76 and qualify second after Ian king. First round of elimination we ran against Finlands Asko Määtä. Our engine bugged from the starting line but come alive again and past Asko at the half track and we got a easy win. Next round we had Peter Andersson Ström in our other lane. I know that I had to do well to beat him. I got a good light and got a 6.60 with a lot of wheelspin half track.

Our speed was recorded 234 mph but this is not correct. Our data log shows that the speed was around 217 mph. In the final we got Ian King. He had been consistent this weekend by running in the 6.40´s almost every run and I know that the 6.60 that we run before was the fastest that we could run on this track condition. With low motivation I was behind him from the start and after 100 m the bike starting to move to the center line and I had to close my throttle.

Congratulation to you Ian. Nice run.

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