Race Day Mosten Danmark 2007

First time here with lots of expectations and the sad memory of the race accident last year when Svein Gottenberg lost his life. I did know Svein a little, always kind, helping and sharing all his huge knowledge on dragracing.

We where glad to have a old friend with us, Anders to help us to reduce our beer storage.

First run we got a nice 4,31 and 305 km/h (the bike had fooled the speed trap) and on the next day we did a 4,38 and a 4,30 and 276 km/h that was the winning time. We where very glad to get the crown “King of Race Day” and I think both the track and the whole event was excellent and really a lot of fun. Thanks to Mosten and all involved.

Also really nice to meet old friends as Ralph, Tom, Jan and new like Elisabeth 🙂

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Nitrolympix Germany 2007

Great to be back at Hockenheim, this is a really good track and always lots of audience. First time we going to run a Cannonball race. 4 Super Twins and 4 Top Fuel bikes qualifying and the best of 4 runs from each class meet in the final. We got a really good chans here because of our consistancy.

On our first test we did a 6,75/199 mph, and on our first qualifing pass was a 6,66 and 210,2 mph. After higher the boost pressure for the second run we had some prroblem to shift to third gear and had to shut the throttle and got a slow 7,92 and 116 mph. Still beating Ian King that broke his driving belt and winning one more box of beer from his crew member Chris :-).

On our third pass we did a 6,61 and 207,6mph and our fourth a 6,63 and 213 mph Our average time of our three best runs was 6,64 but not enought to beat Ian Kings 6,46 after he hade run some really good low 6 second runs.

We where still satisfied with our results. Thanks Shaun and his team for a great dinner and plasitic bottle beers.

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We had rebuilt both engines trying to find the problem with the bike. We had changed all electronics, got through the fuel system, we where back at the track in Norway. Thanks to Korry Hogan, Gary Clark and Dave Schnitz for the support and help.

We did a good qualify with a 6,67 and 200 mph and it felt like the bike was working. In the first elimination half track down the engine lost one cylinder and Luigi took the victory and won the event. This was a new problen and it was solved by exchanging the fuel lines on the injectors.

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