Up and running 2007

New for 2007 season is the Pro 1 engine cases, our two engines is compleatly rebuild with new cranks from Gary Clark and cylinders and pistons from MTC. Hopfully will the new cases stand the power that we are going to use to reach our goal to beat the world record for funny bike this year! We also got a new ride for our bike and us, this will be a big difference to last year when we slept on the ground in the tent next to the bike.

We also are glad to got our first real sponsors www.usabil.nu. After having to finance everything from our own pocket by hard work, we are very grateful for the help from Mats and his company, Thanks! Also Thanks to Stefan, Gryviks Ã…keri, for your support!

Test in Norway on Gardemoen Race Way, 6,82s right out of the trailer with trottle shut off at 1/8 mile mark. We change the engine same evening just to test both and made a 6,83s with the the other engine, also with trottle shut of half track. We were very satisfied with this test results and excited to go racing.

First UEM race in England the “Main Event”. We got there after 30h of traveling and 3 ferrys. We where very glad to see every body after a long, dark vinter. The first run we burn our clutch bad, the misshappen depended on the release rack in the clutch. Suzuki got two types and we had used the thinner one (0,8mm thinner) and that made the free play for the lock-up to less. Now we know that there are two types.(still learning new things every day). Second run we used same setup for the bike and went 6,64 and 198mph, this was good enought to get the second qualification place. After that we had two days of rain and wind, the event was stopped and we had to go back the 1800km to Sweden.

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